In 2020 Most people try to use Google and search for what they can find nearby, However, 36% of small businesses do not have a website, and they don’t have the plan to build one in the future. This article is going to focus on the reasons you should have a website for your business.

1-Customers expect information

Now more than ever your customer expects to find you online and get at least a bit of information about your business. in fact, they will research before they make a purchase, even if it’s a small thing from a local store.

They don’t need a lot of complicated pages. Instead, They are looking for tailored information to catch their needs and besides being easy to find.

The goal of this idea is to keep your customers up to date with your latest product and services. It will help them to choose what product and services they might need.

2-Having control over information and your brand

Official websites will make your brand identifiable and give enough information to any customers in case they need help. Besides that, any business needs to have good branding by having at least a logo and base color that can be identifiable in social media.

3-Advertising is affordable with the website

Making a website is more affordable in comparison with other physical advertising methods like flyers or brochures or even a business card.

Website will give you the option to change the information at any time without any spending money to recorrect that. So you can make your announcement give your offers and advertise your products just into your website without any hassle.

4-You’re able to update your website

Many years ago, Web developing was very complicated. However, Today it’s not as hard as it was, and you can make changes by yourself.

We prepare a total solution for any business by giving the visual tools to manage and create any pages just by a few clicks.
Our pre-designed tailored templates are available in our shop.

5-You can expand your potential customers

Having a website gives you the ability to get your potential customers by putting some tools like live chat or contact form. Customers will be able to be in touch with you and ask their questions about your products.

Besides that, You’re able to use Google map and share your store location to your customers.

I have a social media account still do I need a website?

Today we have hundreds of social media with a different subject. This problem will make your account to be worn out. Besides that, you can’t make an account for each one.

What is the solution?

Make your own rules. Create a website and reference your social media content into your website. It will help you to reach more customer, and even in case of your customer not joined into any social media, they can access your data from the direct URL of your website.

Conclusion: every business needs a website

Think about your competitors, who are still one step ahead of you, and you just kept in the fence. Having a website isn’t that much hard, Start your online business website today.

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